MOC 20533 – Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions


latest student package 20533BC
latest trainer package 20533BTK
Software Assurance Training Voucher SATV Yes
Language EN
Duration 5 Days
Courseware available as Book (Paper) Yes
Courseware available as ebook (Skillpipe) Yes
Labs Online available Yes
Azure Student Pass Available Yes


MOC Course Number Release Date Link
MOC 20533 A 2014/09/29
MOC 20533 B 2015/01/30


  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure
    • Cloud Technology Overview
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Azure Portals
    • Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell
  • Implementing and Managing Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks
    • Planning Virtual Networks
    • Administering Virtual Networks
    • Inter-Site Connectivit
  • Implement, Create, Maintain Virtual Machines
    • Planning Virtual Machine Workloads
    • Using the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit for Azure
    • Creating Virtual Machine
  • Managing Virtual Machines in Azure
    • Configuring Virtual Machines
    • Managing and Monitoring Virtual Machine
  • Implementing Websites
    • Planning for Website Deployment
    • Deploying Websites
    • Configuring Websites
    • Monitoring Websites and WebJobs
    • Traffic Manage
  • Planning and Implementing Storage
    • Planning Storage
    • Implementing and Managing Storage
    • Backing up and Monitoring Storag
  • Planning and Implementing Data Services
    • Data Services in Microsoft Azure
    • Implementing Azure SQL Database
    • Managing Azure SQL Database Security
    • Monitoring Azure SQL Database
    • Managing Azure SQL Database Business Continuity
  • Implementing Cloud Services and Mobile Services
    • Planning for Cloud Service Deployment
    • Deploying Packages
    • Configuring Cloud Services
    • Implementing Mobile Services
    • Monitoring and Diagnostic
  • Implementing Content Delivery Networks and Media Services
    • Implementing Azure Content Delivery Networks
    • Publishing Content with Azure Media Service
  • Implementing Azure Active Directory
    • Creating and Managing Azure Directories
    • Configuring Application Integration with Azure Active Directory
    • Overview of Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Managing Active Directory in a Hybrid Environment
    • Extending On-Premises Active Directory into Azure
    • Directory Synchronization
    • Implementing Federation
  • Implementing Automation with PowerShell Workflows and Runbooks

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