Modern Style System Center Visio Shapes

You can Download and check out my new System Center Visio Stencils in Modern Style for the complete System Center Suite.

Download Link:

  • All Stencils can change the color format
  • All Stencils are hand drawn

Stencils for:

  • SCCM
  • SCOM
  • SCSM
  • SCAC

This Visio Stencil Collection is still under construction (v.Next did not even release) and will be updated. Feel free to post wishes for further changes.
It would be awesome if you could rate with 5 Stars on TechNet if you like these System Center Visio Stencils.

Addidional Shapes in v0.94

  • SCSM Incident
  • SCSM Problem
  • SCSM Change
  • SCSM Service Request
  • SCSM Release

Additional Shapes in v0.95

  • SCSM Management Server
  • SCSM Datawarehouse Server
  • SCSM Reporting Server
  • SCSM Self Service Portal Server
  • SCOM Management Server
  • SCOM Reporting Server
  • SCOM Gateway Server
  • SCOM Datawarehouse Server
  • SCOM Web Server
  • Service Provider Foundation Server
  • Service Management Automation Server

Download Link:


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